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Basic information

  • Name

    MAP Kinase p44/42, phosphorylated (Thr202/Tyr204) (MAPK3/MAPK1, Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase 1, MAP Kinase 1, MAPK 1, ERT1, Extracellular Signal-regulated Kinase 2, ERK-2, MAP Kinase Isoform p42, p42-MAPK, Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase 2, MAP Kinas Antibody

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Detailed information

Also known as

MAP Kinase p44/42

Other names

mitogen-activated protein kinase 1; N/A; mitogen-activated protein kinase 1; mitogen-activated protein kinase 1; N/A




Mnoclonal antibodies

Gene name

MAPK1; N/A; N/A; N/A

Gene name synonims

MAPK1; N/A; N/A; N/A

Other gene names

MAPK1; N/A; N/A; N/A



Immunoglobulin isotype




Host organism

Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

Source organism

Human (Homo sapiens)

Species reactivity

Bovine, Drosophila, Hamster, Human (Homo sapiens), Mouse (Mus musculus), Porcine, Rat (Rattus norvegicus)0; Due to limited knowledge and inability for testing each and every species, the reactivity of the antibody may extend to other species which are not listed hereby.

Specificity and cross-reactivity

Recognizes endogenous levels of human p44 and p42 MAP Kinase (Erk1 and Erk2) when either dually phosphorylated at Thr202 and Tyr204 of Erk1 (Thr185 and Tyr187 of Erk2), or singly phosphorylated at Thr202. Does not crossreact with the corresponding phosphorylated residues of either JNK/SAPK or p38 MAP kinases. Species Crossreactivity: mouse, rat, monkey, mink, porcine, hamster, bovine, Drosophila and zebrafish.; Since it is not possible to test each and every species our knowledge on the corss reactivity of the antibodies is limited. This particular antibody might cross react with speacies outside of the listed ones.

Purification method



Supplied as a liquid in PBS, pH 7.2, 2g/ml BSA,



Storage and shipping

May be stored at Store the antibody at +4 degrees Celsius. before opening. DO NOT FREEZE! Stable at Store the antibody at +4 degrees Celsius. as an undiluted liquid. Dilute only prior to immediate use. Stable for 12 months at Keep the antibody refrigerated at +4 degrees Celsius. Temperature variations in the range between +1C to +7C are tolerable. Freezing Alexa Fluor® conjugates will result in a substantial loss of activity. Alexa Fluor® conjugates are sensitive to light.

Tested applications:

Flow Cytometry (FC/FACS)


If you buy Antibodies supplied by MBS Monoclonals they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C.

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