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Basic information

  • Name

    Accumax Micropipette Stand, Hold 1 Multichannel pipettes MA, MAP, SMA Series

  • Price

    110 EUR

  • Size

    one stand

  • Catalog number

    SAM - 001

Detailed information

Volume Range [ µl ]

Not applicable

Increments [ µl ]

Not applicable


Accumax Smart series provides reliability that you need as their ergonomic design will make your work pleasureable as the pipette is lighter, but the durability is the same. The ease of operation this pipette allows to prepare your samples with a blink of an eye. The pipettes prevents change of volume and this would lead to more reliable results.


Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about our pipettes! You could contact Gentaur by email (, phone or Livechat.


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